What we've done so far

What We Have Done So Far

Since we went live at the beginning of April we have been absolutely blown away but the amount of support and help from the local community. Everyday we had people filling in our Volunteer form and still to this day people are still offering to help out in any way that they can.

Here is a little overview on tasks we have completed so far:

  • Delivered a lot of subsidised meals to people
  • Collected from the Pharmacy
  • Leafleted for the Council (a helpful info document which is especially useful to those who are unable to use the internet)
  • Delivered a television to a very isolated person
  • Daily phonecalls to those who welcome the company and have a good chat

What’s next?

Things are starting to return back to normal but the Covid-19 Pandemic is not yet over and we still have work to do. There are people who are sheltering, vulnerable or unable to go out yet. With the lockdown restrictions lifting we still need to be very careful and be aware that there are others around us that are more at risk when we are out shopping or going for trips to the beach.

If you know somebody that needs our help, please do get in touch with us. Our phoneline is still open or you can leave a message for us on our website.


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