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Adopt a Grave

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The Grange, Rottingdean

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St Margaret’s Churchyard ‘Adopt a Grave’ scheme.

The scheme aims to encourage volunteers to adopt a grave which would otherwise be overgrown and uncared for. We try to find out about the history of the persons’ graves we are adopting. There is normally an initial job of clearing the grave but then occasional maintenance is all that is required.

Photo below: Nelson Stenning village baker, before & after.

Adopt a Grave - Nelson Stenning village baker

Tours are conducted from time to time.

Far from being a grim task most people find the churchyard a peaceful wildlife sanctuary in which to work, the spring flowers being especially beautiful.

As it appears to be a lonely task we have at least two social events a year, usually a lunch in the Grange Gardens in summer and Mulled Wine & mince-pies in the Grange at Christmas.

Volunteering Info:

We welcome all new volunteers. It does not require much time and can be a fantastic way to learn more about the village history.

Please contact Mike Laslett for more information: Hon Archivist and Curator for The Grange Rottingdean:


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